Celebrating milestones and setting new standards

Since its establishment in 2021, One Event has rapidly risen in the event management industry, consistently achieving remarkable milestones and redefining excellence along the way. The agency’s philosophy is the belief that no two events are alike. With a focus on creating personalized experiences, the company prides itself on its ability to craft unique experiences at the highest level. 

A journey of growth and success

Founded with a vision to transform event management, One Event began with just three destinations. In just a few years, the company has experienced exponential growth, now operating in multiple destinations in over 20 countries. Despite this rapid growth, the agency remains committed to its roots as a boutique DMC, focused on curating unique experiences through collaboration with industry professionals of the highest caliber.

In 2023 alone, the agency proudly executed an impressive portfolio of 350+ confirmed projects globally, including the largest event with 1500 attendees.

Key to success: passion and innovation

“For us, “passion for perfection” is not merely a motto – it is the guiding principle that drives us each day. We believe in dreaming big, and our rapid ascent over the past three years is proof of our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Anita Horvath, Managing Director at OE Hungary

What sets One Event apart?

In a crowded field of DMCs, pops up the question: what makes One Event unique?

“Our 25 years of experience ensure we deliver the best solutions with a professional, tailor-made approach. We consistently go the extra mile, offering creative concepts, the latest tech solutions, and -if needed-fast, last-minute support. Our multilingual, multicultural team has deep local knowledge and strong bonds with suppliers, providing valuable advantages.

At One Event “quality over quantity” is not just a saying…We carefully select projects and dedicate 100% effort to each one. Our top management is actively involved in day-to-day tasks, a unique and rare approach our clients truly appreciate.”

– says Stefan Schafhauser, Partner

A thriving global team

In April 2024, the agency welcomed András Ország to its global team as the new Director of Business Development. With 15 years of expertise in hospitality and international sales, András brings significant experience to the role. His passion for building strong partnerships fits well with the agency’s commitment to exceeding expectations and creating lasting relationships.

And what for the future?

Looking to the future, One Event remains dedicated to delivering exceptional results within its current destinations. While growth is important, the company focuses on preserving its boutique essence while continually pushing boundaries and setting trends within the industry. 

The agency also pushes strongly into the topics of live events, product launches, event production, and event design—everything one would demand from a full-service agency.

The aim is to be the best solution for any event.

One Event currently operates in the following destinations: in EUROPE: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Turkey; in AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru; and in ASIA: South East Asia.

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