Unique transportation ideas for your events: ride in style!

When planning an unforgettable event, transportation can be as memorable as the destination itself. From vintage cars to luxury trains, here are some unique and exciting transportation options from our destinations that will add a special touch to your next event.

Germany: The Iconic VW Bulli

Volkswagen’s vintage van, known for its cult status, offers tours in Berlin or through the nearby countryside with carefully restored models from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Enjoy the charm of the T2-model’s split windshield and specific interior builds. Food baskets and a special Bulli photo booth edition can be provided.

Nicknamed the ‘Bulli’ in Germany – the name is a mix of the words ‘Bus’ and ‘Lieferwagen’ (delivery truck).

Why is it fun? The Bulli is synonymous with the U.S. Flower Power movement and the beat generation, representing freedom to roam country roads, stop wherever you want, and enjoy both nature and the big city. Need further details? Reach out to One Event Germany.

Prague: The Prague Oldtimer Tram & T3 Coupé

Experience Prague like never before aboard the Prague Oldtimer Tram! This sustainable tram offers a unique and nostalgic trip through the city’s charming streets, mixing history with convenience. Accompanied by a conductor in period costume, enjoy drinks and live music as you explore Prague’s beauty in vintage style.

Each tram wagon, dating back to the 1920s-1940s and owned by the Historical Transportation Museum of Prague, accommodates up to 25 guests, providing an authentic experience. The perfect choice to explore Prague in style and nostalgia.

Introducing the T3 Coupé, a retro-futuristic tram straight from the swinging 1960s. Experience Prague’s charm on a T3 tram night tour, enjoying fluorescent welcome drinks and modern luxury while exploring the city’s sights.

Why is it fun? Limited bus transportation in Prague makes the tram a practical and delightful alternative, offering a unique way to explore the city while adding a vintage flair to your event. If you need more information, contact One Event Austria & Czech Republic.

Colombia: Chiva Rumbera, Tuk Tuk & Teleferico Medellin

Hop aboard the “Chiva Rumbera” Party Bus for a festive ride through the city, setting the tone for an unforgettable night out. In Guatapé, explore the town’s iconic landmarks and scenic waterfront promenade from the colorful Tuk Tuk.

Did you know? Chiva is a Spanish word for a “female goat,” among other things. It’s known as a slang term for heroin and the name of a type of colorful bus in rural Colombia. 

Take your adventure to new heights with a ride on the Medellín metrocable. Experience the city from a unique perspective as you soar over the Andean hills on one of four cable car public transport lines. Medellín’s diverse range of altitudes offers a breathtaking view that’s sure to awe even the most seasoned travelers.

Why is it fun? The Party Bus keeps the festivities going between venues, while the Tuk Tuk provides a cozy, intimate experience in beautiful surroundings. The Medellín metrocable gives your ride an exciting twist, offering unmatched views of the city from above. Need more details? Contact One Event South America.

Spain: Luxury trains – Al Andalus and Transcantábrico

Experience luxury aboard Spain’s premier trains, the Transcantábrico and Al Andalus. The Transcantábrico blends historic charm with modern elegance for a scenic tour through northern Spain. Explore Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, and the Basque Country in comfort, with personalized service and gourmet cuisine.

Did you know that the Transcantabrico luxury train was the first tourist train in Spain? It was created in 1983 and already in 2009, the International Society of Railway Travelers included it in the ranking of the 25 best trains in the world.

Meanwhile, the Al Andalus Train offers a journey through Andalusia in elegance and spaciousness. Step aboard the longest luxury train in Spain, accommodating up to 74 guests across 14 carriages. Enjoy exclusive service as you explore southern Spain’s beauty.

Did you know? Al Andalus luxury train is the longest on the Spanish tracks. At 450 meters in length, it would be comparable to a 150-storey skyscraper.

Why is it fun? These trains blend history with modern comfort, making each journey memorable. Experience the atmosphere of the past while enjoying contemporary luxury, creating unforgettable moments for your event. For additional information, get in touch with our team in Spain.

Amsterdam: Historical tram

Ride through Amsterdam’s historical center in a perfectly preserved 1920s streetcar. The colorful exterior and varnished wooden interiors transport you back in time.

Why is it fun? Enjoy the sights of the lively city while becoming a highlight yourself, as passersby admire this moving piece of history. Need more info? Contact One Event Benelux.

Brazil: Party bus

Step aboard the Party Bus and let the party started! This unique mode of transportation transforms your ride into a non-stop party on wheels, whether you’re heading to a nightlife hotspot or cruising back from an event. With a live DJ spinning tunes and drinks flowing, the atmosphere is always electric, making every moment a celebration.

Why is it fun? Unlike ordinary transfers, the Party Bus turns transportation into an unforgettable experience. Dance to your favorite music, mingle with fellow guests, and enjoy the vibrant ambiance as you travel from one venue to the next. This mobile party ensures that the energy remains high, keeping the fun alive throughout the entire journey. Need more details? Contact One Event South America.

Argentina: Vintage cars

Step back in time and travel in timeless style aboard our vintage cars from the 1930s. Each carefully restored vehicle exudes the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era, comfortably accommodating 2-3 people. Arrive at your dinner or event in splendor, making a stunning entrance that captivates all who see.

Why is it fun? These classic cars offer more than just transportation; they provide a window into the glamorous past, turning your arrival into an unforgettable event. The nostalgic charm and unique appeal of these vintage rides enrich your experience, ensuring that every moment is filled with excitement and grace. Need more details? Contact One Event South America.

Hungary: Trabants and Monster Rollers

Experience Hungary’s Communist era with a ride in a Trabant car, a real symbol of that time. Enjoy an ordinary city tour to see Budapest’s top attractions or venture out of town for an adrenaline-filled rally. For the Trabant tour, guests can also drive the cars, adding a hands-on, nostalgic adventure that’s like traveling back in time.

The “running cardboard,” the “plastic bomber” or the “Saxon Porsche” — those are just some of the many nicknames that have been given to the Trabant.

Alternatively, explore the city on eco-friendly Monster Rollers, which are easy to ride and require no license.

Why is it fun? The Trabant tour offers a historical and unique perspective, while the Monster Roller tour provides a fun, modern way to see Budapest’s sights with stops for tastings and photo ops. For more info, reach out to One Event Hungary.

Make your next event unforgettable with these unique transportation options, turning every ride into a memorable adventure.

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